Gouthama Siddarthan

Gouthama Siddarthan, is a modern poet, short fiction writer, essayist and literary critic in modern Tamil literature. He is running ‘Unnatham’ a modern Tamil literary magazine. He has 17 volumes in all, spanning poetry, fiction and essays, to his credit. Honoured with several literary awards in his 30 years of literary pursuit, he has been of late writing in international languages.  His works have been translated into over 20 languages. His writings have been published in Truthout, California Quarterly, ArabLit Quarterly, Indian Literature, Countercurrents, The Levant magazine,  Global research and in Romanian literary journals ‘Urmuz,’ ‘BANCHETUL’. They have also been published in Spanish, Italian, Russian and Roman online journals. Ten books are being published in eight world languages (English, Spanish, German, Romanian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese ). He is also running an online magazine ‘Tamili.in’ Recently his poem in support of Belarusian political scenario has been published in 21 languages! Currently his columns are translated and getting published in Russian, French, Spanish and Italian online literary magazines.

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